Regulations 10K Valencia Ibercaja 2024

Art.1. The C. Athletics 10K VALENCIA organizes, with the collaboration of the Fundación Deportiva Municipal del Ajuntament de València, the XVI edition of the 10K VALENCIA IBERCAJA race. It will take place in the city of Valencia on Sunday January 14, 2024 from 09:30 am on a 100% urban circuit and on asphalt. The participants will be ordered in different starts according to the accredited or expected mark throughout the registration process.

Art.2. To XVI 10K VALENCIA IBERCAJA 2024With a homologated circuit of 10,000 meters, will have access to all persons who wish, federated or not, and foreign athletes who comply with the RFEA and World Athletics regulations may participate, as long as they are 18 years old on the day of the race. The circuit was re-approved in February 2020 on the occasion of the ratification of the world records of Rhonex Kipruto on 5K and 10K, by World Athletics, AIMS and RFEA, being indicated all the kilometer points with an inflatable arch and / or signaling panel. The race is included in the International Calendar of World Athletics, as well as in the National Calendar of the RFEA with international category. It has the World Athletics Label Race distinction. 


This event belongs to the Official Calendar of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and, by registering, the runner expressly consents that his/her basic data will be transferred to this entity for the processing, before the insurance company, of the compulsory accident and Civil Liability insurance, as well as the management of the day license and popular ranking of road events. In any case, and as established by the Data Protection Law, the interested party may in the future exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing or emailing the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. Avenida de Valladolid, 81 - 28008, Madrid. E-mail:


The maximum duration of the race for each participant will be 1 hour 20 minutes (80 minutes) from the time of departure. The Organization will enable a first start for elite athletes at 09:30 hours, which will be followed by a total of 12 more starts to facilitate the proper development of the race. Likewise, the first starts will be made on both roads of the Paseo de La Alameda. 

The decision to make several starts does not affect in any case the complete and correct timing of all athletes, whatever the start, being each of the shots considered as a new official time. The Organization reserves the right to carry out a different number of starts and/or reorganize them if for safety, organizational and/or logistical reasons, it is considered. 

In order to manage in the best possible way the starts and to place each runner with those of a similar level, we carry out a verification of the data collected after registration for those who aspire to the first drawers. During the registration process, additional information will be requested with a URL or link to an approved race. approved race where you have participated since January 1, 2022 with an equivalent mark or if not available, with the name, edition and mark of a recent approved 5K, 10K, 15K or Half Marathon race.

Notwithstanding the above, all runners who register with the objective of finishing under 36 minutes must prove their previous best time in the above distances through the procedure available on the registration website. Failure to comply with this requirement or the impossibility to confirm it will result in the assignment to the last start.

All runners will be informed of their starting time and their assigned starting box when they pick up their race bib at the Runner's Fair, where this information will be displayed.

VERY IMPORTANTAll runners, based on their accredited or predicted time during the registration process, will be assigned a specific start time. If, in spite of all the measures taken by the Organization, the runner does not comply with this rule by leaving before the time assigned to him/her, he/she will be disqualified.

Change of starting box:

3.1 As a general rule, the starting box will be assigned automatically according to the mark that has been accredited or the expected mark that you have indicated in the registration process, under the above premises. The process is carried out by dividing the total number of registered participants by the number of starts to be made, so in no case the participants choose the start at the time of registration.

3.2 If the athlete wishes to start from a slower starting box, it is not necessary to make any change, as he/she can start the race in any of the subsequent starts, by accessing it on the day of the race.

3.3 If, once registered, the runner improves his/her predicted or accredited mark and wishes to start from a faster box, the request for a change of predicted or accredited mark will be possible until December 17, 2023 (23:59h). To do so, the runner must write an email to requesting such change and providing the required documentation. It will be obligatory to provide documentary justification of the change through a link in an approved race carried out by the interested party from January 1, 2022 and based on the criteria mentioned above. After that date, December 17, 2023, no changes will be possible, not even at the Runner's Fair.


Each runner will be placed in the corresponding box according to his/her assigned bib, in order to facilitate the smooth running of the race and that all participants can run comfortably. We appeal to the good will of those registered when determining their expected time, which will be a benefit for all.

Thus, every runner assumes the responsibility and the commitment to accept his or her starting field at the time of registration and to prove his or her personal best. Therefore, the athlete accepts that the box or start selected at the time of registration will be the one that corresponds to him/her. With the exceptions foreseen in the previous paragraphs. 

Art.4. All participants will be covered by an accident and liability insurance policy taken out by C. Atletismo 10K Valencia. Those arising from latent illness, imprudence, negligence, failure to comply with the law, etc. will be excluded. Also excluded will be those produced by displacements to and/or from the place where the race takes place.


5.1 Registration deadlines and modalities.  

Registration for the 10K Valencia Ibercaja 2024 will open on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 10:00h at  

Promotional period. The Organization will open a promotional and exclusive period of registrations during the first 7 days of opening of the same, reserving the period between April 3 and 9 (both inclusive) only for those registered in the 2023 edition. The initial starting price will be 12 euros (up to registration number 4000).

Starting on Monday, April 10, at 10:00 a.m., the general deadline will be open to everyone, registered or not in the last edition.

There will be a maximum limit of 13,000 bibs available.

The prices and tranches* will be as follows: 

- Bib 1 to 4000: 12€.

- Bib numbers from 4001 to 8000: 15€.

- Bib numbers from 8001 to 13 000: 18€.

(*) This price does not include the Day License (3 euros obligatory) for runners who do not have a valid National License (RFEA), National Trail License (RFEA) or Runner's Plus Card.

The promotions offered by the test will be communicated to the interested parties and will not be cumulative.

In any case, registration will close on Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 23:59h or when the maximum quota of 13,000 registered runners is reached, thus guaranteeing a sustainable growth of the census, a quality experience for the runners, as well as the best possible safety conditions.

In case of reaching the limit of 13,000 registered runners, the organization will set up a waiting list to fill any vacancies that may arise due to runners dropping out through the official website, at the price of 22€ registration fee (RFEA Day License not included). 

Registrations include race bib + chip and an official commemorative technical garment of the race. 

IMPORTANT: The size of the garment is NOT guaranteed, although the Organization will try to ensure that most of the participants have the size requested in the registration process. Size changes cannot be made at the Runner's Fair.

VIP REGISTRATION: Open from April 3 for all participants and with a limit of 50 places. It includes, in addition to the rest:

- Separate access next to the post-finish area 

- Pre-race Energy Breakfast

- Private cloakroom

- Own chemical toilets

- Post-race lunch (sandwiches and hamburgers made on the spot included)

- Massage

- Gift from the organisation

* VIP Registration Fee: 50 euros (RFEA Day License not included)

Editing your registration data.  

You will be able to edit some of your registration data until December 17, 2023 (23:59h), free of charge, in your "Private Zone". Please check your data (including the name of your club). It will NOT be possible to change the ownership of your registration.

5.2 Registration for the Runner's Fair

As long as there are places available and the Organization deems it appropriate, registrations can be made at the Runner's Fair at a price of 22 euros (RFEA Day License not included).

Runner's Fair registrations do NOT include the official T-shirt/technical garment or Runner's Bag. 

5.3 Runner's Fair / Bib pick-up / Authorizations

Bib numbers and technical garments can be collected during the two days prior to the race, Friday January 12 and Saturday January 13, from 10:00 to 21:00 hours (non-stop) at the Runner's Fair located in the Saler Shopping Center in Valencia. The parking of the shopping center is free on Friday from 14h and throughout Saturday. If you come on Friday before 14h it will also be free when you present your race bib at the cashier before leaving. 

In case of not being able to attend, the registrant may authorize another person to pick it up on his behalf, for which it will be necessary to present a copy of your ID card or supporting document (driver's license, passport) or failing that the proof of registration. You can present the image of any of the above documents on your cell phone. It is not necessary to present it on paper.

DELIVERY OF Bibs THE DAY OF THE RACE: Only for runners who come from outside Valencia and metropolitan area and can justify it with documents, the delivery of bibs and technical garments will be facilitated. This will be next to the checkroom tents and until 08:30h (60 min. before the start of the race). After that time, the race bibs will be closed and therefore it will be impossible to withdraw the bibs not collected until that time. Once the race is over, the uncollected bibs and the technical garment will NOT be delivered.

5.4 Registration INSURANCE. You can ask for the refund of the registration fee only if you have contracted, during the registration process, the insurance offered by the Organization for a cost of 2 euros or more. In case you take it out, you can ask for the full refund of your registration including the solidarity contribution and the RFEA Day License (except for the platform management costs) as long as you do it up to 48h before the start of the race.

Insurance information: The cancellation insurance that the 10K Valencia Ibercaja offers to the participants is a Europ Assistance insurance that will reimburse 100% of the amount paid for your registration (except for the 0'60€ administration fee) if any of the 28 reasons for cancellation are fulfilled. Here is the list:

You can make use of it from the moment of registration until 48 hours before the start of the event. The participant must send the proof of registration, that of a professional or competent entity that, depending on the nature of the reason, justifies the non-attendance at the event, to this email address:

In the subject/body of the email the participant must identify himself/herself with his/her ID/passport number, Registration ID, full name and state the event 10K Valencia Ibercaja 2024, as an attachment, the two documents mentioned above.

That is to say: 

1.- If you cannot run and you have not taken out this insurance, you will not be able to ask for a refund of the registration fee. 

2.- You will not be able to change the ownership of the bib, because if someone wants to run for you, he/she will be able to do it from scratch as long as there are still bibs available.

3.- Only in case there are no bibs available, the runner who wants to run for you can go to the Runner's Fair, to the stand "SOLUTIONS", and make the change of ownership with an extra cost of 10€. But this option will only be viable if there are NO bibs available for that new runner.

The important thing is that no one runs with your bib, let's be responsible because the insurance implications are more serious than it seems.

5.5 Solidarity contribution. 

The different registration sections will have the possibility of making a SOLIDARITY CONTRIBUTION with a voluntary increase of 3€, 5€ or 10€, amount that the Organization will donate in full on behalf of all participants who choose this option to the AssociationAgainst Cancer in Valencia.

5.6 Cloakroom. 

On the day of the race there will be a free checkroom, whose location will be communicated by the Organization well in advance to all registered participants. Remember to take your checkroom sticker that will be given to you when you pick up your race bib.


The Organization plans to make 4 independent classifications (with trophy for the first 3 classified both male and female) according to the following categories:

- General (male and female): all participants

- Master 40 (male and female): from 40 to 49 years old 

- Master 50 (male and female): from 50 to 59 years old 

- Master 60 (male and female): from 60 and upwards  

In accordance with the RFEA, the 10K Valencia Ibercaja 2024 will publish the following classifications for information purposes only, for which there will be no trophy:

- U-20: 18 and 19 years old

- U-23: 20, 21 and 22 years old

- SENIOR: 23-34 years old

- M35 / F35: 35-39 years old

- M40 / F40: 40-44 years old

- M45 / F45: 45-49 years old

- M50 / F50: 50-54 years old

- M55 / F55: 55-59 years old

- M60 / F60: 60-64 years old

- M65 / F65: 65-69 years old

- M70 / F70: 70-74 years old

- M75 / F75: 75-79 years old

- M80 / F80: 80 + years

- Non-binary

All the ages indicated must be reached on the day of the test.

CLASSIFICATION OF THE MOST NUMEROUS TEAMS: The 3 most numerous teams will receive a commemorative trophy.

TEAM CLASSIFICATION (by times): The first 3 classified teams will receive a commemorative trophy. To elaborate the classification, the 10 best times of each team, federated or not, will be computed, regardless of the sex of the athletes.

MEDIA CLASSIFICATION: The first three and the first three classified in the Media category will receive a commemorative trophy. Participants who wish to be eligible for these trophies and who work in a media organization can check this option during the registration process.

* The above mentioned trophies will NOT be sent once the test has passed.


The organisation will demand the full restitution of the economic prizes of any athlete if World Athletics cancels his/her sports results due to a sanction for doping in the specific controls of the race, or even later due to an anomaly in the Athlete Biological Passport, regardless of the fact that the athlete has not tested positive in the specific anti-doping controls of the race. Any athlete, or failing that World Athletics Manager, who accepts a financial prize in the 10K Valencia Ibercaja automatically assumes this condition to ensure equal opportunities, cleanliness and health in athletics.

Art.7. Time control and classifications. 

The race is controlled by the Judges Committee of the FACV and RFEA. There will be time controls along the course. Only those participants who run the race with the chip provided by the Organization, placed on the back of the race bib, will appear in the classification, obliging the runner in any case to check the proper functioning of the chip at the corresponding stand at the Runner's Fair.

Art.8. Violations and disqualifications:

8.1 The bibs/chip given by the Organization are personal and non-transferable, and must be placed on the chest without manipulation or folding. The control chip is also personal and non-transferable. Failure to comply with this article will be cause for disqualification.

Runners who are not registered or who run without a race bib will not be admitted by the Organisation, preventing them from having access to the race in defence of the rights of those who are legally registered.

Likewise, unauthorized vehicles will not be allowed access, for the safety of the runners. The judges of the race and the Organization reserve the right to disqualify the offender who, if any irregularity is proved by any runner; does not wear a visible race bib, manipulates it and/or transfers it to another, alters the data provided to the Organization or to the Referee with respect to what appears on his/her ID card or federative card, does not complete the entire course, shows a bad physical condition, does not provide the Organization with the required documentation or fails to comply with any other rule contemplated in the FACV, RFEA and World Athletics Rules.

For legal and sporting reasons, but above all for security reasons, the bib may not be sold or transferred to another runner. Given the risk run by those who carry a bib without the knowledge of the organization and the distortion that occurs in the classifications, the data of the person who transfers or sells will be noted, preventing their registration in successive years, and informing other organizations of marathons, half marathons and 10K. In the case of athletes federated to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) and the Athletics Federation of the Valencian Community, their conduct will also be reported in order to take, if appropriate, the corresponding measures.

The organisers reserve the right to prevent registration in the future and to inform other races of the actions of those athletes disqualified for not having completed the full 10 km course.

It will be compulsory for members of the federation to compete with the clothing of their corresponding club, and they may be sanctioned if they do not.
Disqualified runners will not be eligible for prizes and trophies.

8.2 It is not allowed (in application of Art. 144 of the RIA) to run accompanied by persons not participating in the same, whether on foot or in any type of vehicle, or carry children in arms or in strollers, nor is it allowed to run with animals, carts, etc.. This prohibition extends to the entire race and especially at the finish line, being its non-observance grounds for possible disqualification by the referee.

8.3 Given the serious damage that this would cause to the Organization and the other runners of the race, in case of access to the race in violation of the established conditions of access or any irregularity is committed, the Organization reserves the right to take appropriate action, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In this sense, the corresponding civil, criminal or administrative actions will be initiated to demand the responsibility of the offender.

Among the irregularities that will give rise to the initiation of such actions are:

  1. Not being registered in the race and, therefore, not having a bib/chip to participate in the race.
  2. Running with the bib/chip of a third party (without having made the change of ownership or carrying it concealed).
  3. Running with a bib/chip that does not correspond to the race bib/chip.
  4. Running with a forged bib/chip (photocopied document or document imitating the bib).

This list is given by way of example and is not exhaustive, and there may be other irregularities that may give rise to legal action on the part of the Organisation.

Both those who commit such irregularities and those who assist them in carrying them out will be identified as "offending brokers".

Those runners who are identified as "offending runners" by the Organisation on the day of the race, will be removed, identified and expelled by the race security personnel, in the exercise of their powers, obtaining identification data from them; photographs, etc., which will be used for the purpose of taking the corresponding legal action.

In the event that the infringement becomes known after the event has taken place, appropriate action shall be taken at the time the infringement becomes known.

The "offending brokers" shall be notified and/or summoned to the proceedings in which their potential liabilities will be judged, in order to be part of the proceedings.

Art.9. The route will be properly signposted by the Organization. There will be 1 liquid refreshment post, at kilometer 5, plus the post-finish special.

Art.10. The medical services and ambulances, coordinated by the medical team of the 10K VALENCIA IBERCAJA 2024, will be located at the start/finish area, as well as at km.5, coinciding with the refreshment post and closing the race together with the broom car. Additional ambulances will be located along the route to ensure the urgent transfer in case of need.

Any runner with medical problems (allergy, special attention, etc.) must state this on the back of the race bib or in the "Observations" section when registering. They can also inform the organisers at the "Solutions" desk at the Runner’s Expo and at the start of the race up to a few minutes before the start of the race.

Art.11. The only vehicles allowed to follow the race will be those authorized by the organization and will be properly marked.

Art.12. During the race, the bib-chip shall be worn on the front, visibly and without folding. Failure to comply with this article will be cause for disqualification.

Art.13. The Organization reserves the right to establish flying goals at any time, always with more than two days in advance, and undertakes to notify all participants of their placement and the exact kilometer point.

Art.14. Disqualifications:

(a) The competition medical service and the referees are empowered to withdraw any athlete during the race if he/she appears to be in poor physical condition.

(b) Any athlete who does not complete the entire course.

(c) Any athlete who does not wear a visible bib-chip or who folds his bib-chip.

d) The athlete who demonstrates unsportsmanlike behaviour or who repeatedly protests to the Organisers outside the stipulations of Article 8 of the Rules.

Art.15. Claims must be made orally to the Judge Referee of the race, no later than 30 minutes after the official communication of the results. If they are rejected by this may be submitted in writing and accompanied by a deposit of 100 €. If there is no Jury of Appeal the decision of the Judge Referee is final.

Art.16. All participants, by the fact of starting the Race, accept these Rules and Regulations, and in case of doubt or if any situation arises that is not reflected in the same, the Organizing Committee will be in charge.

Art.17. Paid registrations, as well as the race bibs, are personal and non-transferable, and must be placed on the chest without manipulation or folding. The registration fee will not be refundable in any case, unless the runner has contracted the cancellation insurance during the registration process (mentioned above). 

Only in the event that the race has to be postponed or suspended due to force majeure and beyond the organization's control (including health regulations), the organization will offer all registered participants the possibility of keeping the registration for the new date or requesting a refund of the registration fee. The latter option of requesting a refund of the money will carry a cost of 3 € as a management fee.

Art. 18. Participants authorize Divina Pastora Seguros, Mutua de Seguros (hereinafter, Divina Seguros) to receive commercial and advertising communications regarding products, services, offers and news, as well as for the contracting of products and services of the same. These communications may be sent by any means, including electronic. 

In relation to Divina Seguros, you may revoke your consent to receive commercial and/or advertising information at any time by contacting Divina Seguros at the following e-mail address or to the postal address: P.O. Box 1280, 46080 Valencia, with the reference "Personal Data Protection". 

You have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, among others, under the terms established in current legislation, by writing to any of the addresses mentioned above.


All matters not provided for in these Regulations shall be governed by the General Competition Rules of the FACV, RFEA and World Athletics for the 2024 season. The Organization reserves the right to extend or modify these Rules, if deemed necessary for safety, logistical or other reasons.

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